How to cope with acne

As the saying goes accept the things you cant change from those things that you can still change. Almost three fourths of teens now a day have acne. If you belong on that population and you have started to use medications yet it doesn’t work, I guess this is the time for you to accept that you have acne. Accept it as a part of your life. Well anyway you are not the only people in this earth who have acne.

Keep your hopes high. Seeing a dermatologist is also helpful. Relying on commercial products on screen is not always trustworthy. Your dermatologist knows what kind of medications is suited for you. It is also helpful to think that you won’t have acne for the rest of your life. Acne will definitely disappear in some point of your life. So you better stop popping your pimples out, as this is the main reason why your acne will leave a permanent scar.

Resist the urge to touch your face as this will further increase the complications with your acne. Have a regular cleansing of your face. Thrice a day washing of face is recommended but too much of it is not advisable. Having a mild cleanser, toner or moisturizer is a big factor to avoid acne breakouts.

Above all this things confidence is the key. If you are confident enough to carry yourself and the way you look. Then this won’t stop you from living life to its fullest. Look unto the beautiful things about you. Each of us has a gift given by our Creator. Enjoy those things and don’t look unto the things you don’t have. Try to excel in other things; looking unto your weaknesses will really make you feel weak. And it will also work on the other way around. Be positive.