How to avoid acne scars

There are those people who are more susceptible in having acne than the others. The most common reason is because of their genes or because of their bad healthy habits. However this acne breakout can often last only in their adolescent stage and will stop as they grow older. The problem with acne is the scar it leaves into your face. To avoid acne scar is better than to have a problem in removing acne scar.

Squeezing your pimple is a big no, no. Though often times this is the most common bad habit of those who have acne break out. Acne scar usually starts from this. People think that if they popped up pimples it will help them to get away with it quicker. But the real scenario with this is that they are opening their pimple causing it to encourage more bacteria.  You should also avoid touching your acne, and take your hair off to your face. If you have large pimple and you are so irritated with it, having a visit with a dermatologist is the safe way. They will give you ointments or even cortisone injection that will really help.

Also avoid having acne breakouts. Acne usually have its triggering factor, you should take notice of the food or situation that might encourage your acne to come out. You should lessen that food or situation if you cannot totally avoid it. Avoiding oily foods and taking enough rest and sleep is the big contributor. It is also better to have an early treatment with your acne breakout than to give attention on them when they already produce acne scars that is sometimes permanent. The problem with acne scar is not just physical as it also may leaves emotional scar. That’s why it is better to give attention with this.