How to avoid acne breakouts

Acne is a common thing in adolescent period but acne break outs is a different thing. Most people blame oily foods, stress, clogged pores and dirty skin as the reason for having acne. But the real caused of acne is overactive sebaceous glands in the skin which increased its performance during adolescent year.

Oil, dirt, and bacteria only add irritation and can trigger the acne production. Even hair care can contribute to acne break out. Your hair has its own natural oil and letting it run unto your face will exacerbate the production of oil in your face.

Keeping your face clean as always is the most important thing to consider. Using mild cleanser and warm water would be fine. Some cleanser is too harsh for the skin so be careful on choosing your cosmetic. Cleaning your face before going to bed is also important. Don’t let the bacteria work all night while you rest. Keeping your hands off to your skin will also help. As this will only irritate your acne and can trigger acne breakout.

Anything that comes in contact with your face is also a contributing factor. Your cell phone is one of the dirtiest things that can come in contact with your face. It is proper to clean your cell phone each day if you are one of those people who are used in using their phone frequently. Even your blankets and pillows must be kept clean. Bacteria from linen can also cause acne break out. Having plenty of water can help your body detoxify and can help you release the unwanted toxins in your skin.

Stress can also caused acne break out. You should be careful and find out which situation trigger the production of your acne. Thinking too much and lack of sleep are the common situation. It is better to avoid such situation to avoid acne break out.