Effective prevention of acne and pimples

Acne problem starts under the skin. It is the result of overgrowth bacteria that is clogged in the pores. Gentle washing of the skin by warm water and mild cleanser is important. It is necessary to keep your face clean all day long. Washing your face thrice a day is advisable but too much of it can already do harm to your acne as it will become irritated and will cause more production of pimple.

But since acne is formed under the skin, washing your face can only do so much to stop acne break out. Having a proper diet is a big help, avoid foods that are rich in oil and eat more fruits and vegetables. Drinking plenty of water is also helpful as it will help the body release the waste that is needed inside the body.

Enough rest and sleep is also a contributor. Acne treatments that can be bought over the counter are also helpful. Use products that are prescribed by a specialist.

You should be careful to choose what kind of cosmetic is best for your skin. Look for a label that read noncomedogenic. This means that it won’t clog your skin pores and won’t further increase the production of acne. Product with benzoyl peroxide is also helpful as it kills the bacteria that worsen the inflammation of your acne.

There are also other products that can help you combat acne but requires you the prescription of the specialist for you to buy it in the counter. These products are accutane retin-A and antibiotics. Antibiotics can be very helpful if you have acne that is swollen and red. But consulting the advice of a specialist will really help. It is the basic step before taking any medication. They will give you the right cosmetic that is appropriate with your skin type.