Cleaning and sterilisation techniques for acne

Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder that is associated with hormone during adolescent and also associated with genes. This is also the result of overgrowth bacteria that is clogged in the pores. If this is about bacteria and germs then proper cleaning of our face is very important. Having proper diet and taking enough water and minerals is also helpful.

There is actually no secret with regards to cleaning of your acne. Even mild soap and water will do. Avoid putting too much pressure to your skin when you wash your face. The use of warm water is also advisable as it open your pores for easy cleaning. Washing of your face is essential and must be performed at least thrice a day. Remember not to rub your acne and just to pat it dry with a towel.  Some people use over the counter acne treatments like mild cleanser and toner.
Letting your make up stay in your face when you go to sleep is just like letting the bacteria do its job overnight. That’s why other people use cosmetics or astringent to remove make up and dirt to their skin. Over the counter acne treatments are safe. Over the counter cream and similar products that incorporate benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid is also a common used. But this treatment’s effectiveness may vary from one person to another.

People have different skin type and so we also need to use the product that is advisable for our skin type. For this matter it is highly advisable to have a visit with a specialist to help you chose what kind of cleanser or treatment you need for your acne. Even the popping out of pimple is not advisable as this is the job of the specialists. Most acne scars start with this bad habit of squeezing the pimple out. This is not helpful because it only open the acne to receive more bacteria from the air.