Avoid the troubles of back acne

A lot of misconception about acne is that some people think that acne only appear on the face. The real scenario is acne and even blackheads or whiteheads may appear all throughout the body. It is commonly to the larger areas of the body like the back, chest, neck and even in the shoulder.

Back acne is also caused by the things that caused the facial acne as well. These are over active oil glands and overgrowth of bacteria in clogged pores. Like the face our back has more sebaceous glands than other areas of the body. It is not yet proven that certain clothes can cause back acne.

Nevertheless, the friction caused by certain cloth can worsen the existence of back acne. Avoiding to much friction to the body will help. Remember not to put too much friction when taking a bath even when you are using loofah or body puff. It is better to have a thorough but gentle cleansing. Much advisable if you are using a product that has a salicylic acid. Sweat is also a contributor. To minimize the production of back acne, taking a shower as soon as after exercising is a big help.
ver the counter acne treatment is also useful. The skin in the back of our body is tougher than the facial skin and so it can tolerate more powerful treatment than the face. Products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are also useful. You can even use lotion that contains an alpha hydroxyl acid.

Alpha hydroxyl acid helps the skin to reduce the blockage in body pores.
Some back acne can be difficult to control and need to be treated by a specialist. The best advise is having a visit with the dermatologist as they will prescribed you oral or topical medications that will help you combat back acne.