4 Hollistic Energy for Healing

People have used several energies to heal sickness, all of which involves the used of ancients techniques passed unto them by their ancestors. These techniques probably come from ancient shaman and seer practices from centuries ago. Expert can only imagine that most these energetic healing comes in a holistic approach such as breathing and movement exercises, meditation and self-awareness practices, herbal and food/diet remedies, as well as lifestyle changes to assist the healing process.


Energy for healing

Here are 4 Holistic Energy for Healing

1) Reiki

Reiki is the transferring of the universal ki (energy, qi, chi) through the practitioner’s palms or hands to promote healing within the client. The practitioner uses hand placements, but there are some who let their intuition guide them to where the energy flow is blocked or to where healing needs to take place.  Some people believe that Reiki balances the seven Chakras.

2) Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy works by finding energy that are unbalanced, blocked, or fixed due to stress or other factors.   When there is an energy blockage in the energy field, it affects the body tissues such as muscle and fascia. Polarity Therapy sees health as a reflection of the condition of the energy field, and it is believed that there are 3 types of energy fields in the human body: Long line currents that run north to south in the body; transverse currents that run east-west in the body; and spiral currents that start at the navel and expand outward.

3) Qigong (chi kung, or chi gung)

Qigong works by cultivating and balancing qi (chi, ki, energy) for the promotion and maintenance of health. It involves different exercises like breathing exercises, movement exercises, self-awareness practices, and meditation.  The goal here is to master the mind through self-awareness of the body, mind, and emotions, and to open the heart with gratitude and compassion. Mindfulness and awareness are proven effective in removing negative emotions, which are qi blockers, hinderers, and causes of pain and suffering.

4) Shiatsu

Shiatsu work through finger massages, which is similar to Acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine. A Shiatsu practitioner puts pressure on specific points along the meridian energy channels so they can to balance out, increase, or decrease the flow of chi to that given point and/or through the specific meridian channel. Like Reiki, Shiatsu techniques uses a fixed pattern, but healing sessions depends on the clients’ needs.

Learn Holistic Healing with the help of a book

If you are interested in learning more about holistic healing, try reading books about the Tao, Qigong, and other related topics. Perhaps, the best read is “Return to Oneness with the Tao” by Ricardo B. Serrano. The author is supremely talented because he was able to cover so many topics that can help you in healing yourselves emotionally and physically, as well as your personal spiritual awakening.

hollistic healing

a book about Holistic Healing

Why do you need to learn these things?  Simple, these things will help you to develop the Three Treasures Jing, Qi, and Shen, which Serrano also tackled in the first book of the series, Meditation & Qigong Mastery. Some of The significant factors for personal transformation and healing, which the book brought up are “awareness and intention.”

According to the book, emotional and physical is the result in the blockage of our life force, or Qi. You need to  learn what has caused it prior to releasing it through meditation and Qigong.   This is one of the vital parts as affects a “process of change for personal transformation and healing.”

Wuji Qigong, is the “Tai Chi for enlightenment.” By practicing this type of taichi, you are able “to reconnect with the Taoist immortals. It also what triggers one’s lightbody (Merkaba), you need to open your heart to unconditional love and heals holographically. The book claimed that there are number twelve in Taoist numerology, Sacred Geometry, and the Chinese calendar. Twelve symbolizes the “12 meridians in your body, and the 12 hour ‘chi clock’ of their flow cycle.”


Using Herbs as a means for Holistic Health

If you are going to view the health of a person in a holistic way then, you can recognize the health of each of those components. If all the body parts are healthy, then whole body is healthy, as well. Generally speaking, holistic health is when a person has a good physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual being. Only when you address each component and improve each component, you are able to create a balanced flow toward perfect health.


Different herbs that can help you attain holistic heath

When you break the physical health into its components – nutritional food, clean water, natural medicine, macro nutrients, micro nutrients, exercise, and oxygen – only then you can see the key elements to a perfect health. In holistic health, eating organic whole and raw foods are necessary to acquire healthy organs (liver, gallbladder, heart and intestines). An abundant supply of clean, pure water keeps the cell to work efficiently.

If you want a holistic, healthy body, you need to take responsibility.  You need commitment to what you are working on, and it needs discipline.  A wise man once says, “We are what we eat, breathe, believe, think and say. Among the many discipline in holistic health practices is the inclusion of herbs in daily life.

The human body is hard to understand, and it is harder to main because of the fast-paced lifestyle we have today.  That is the why people should go back to using herbs since it does not have any side effects, unlike modern medication today.

The best way to cure a body is through detoxification.  By using herbs as a means to detoxify the body, you are sure that there will not be any complication since you are using all natural.  Detoxification releases any flushes out any toxins and chemical present in the body.  Only when these toxins and chemicals get flushes that the healing process can really begin.

There are several herbs that can be use for detoxifying the body.  Some of them are listed below:

  •  Cathartic herbs encourage bowel elimination and often stimulate secretion of bile. Rhubarb and senna are cathartic herbs.
  •  Stimulant herbs such as ginger root, cayenne pepper and horseradish stimulate circulation, thus assisting in the overall process of cleansing.
  •  Alterative herbs assist in the cleansing purification of the blood.  Some examples of alterative herbs are burdock, dandelion, cat’s claw and red clover.

Top Holistic Therapies Used By Holistic Doctors in New York

Holistic doctors in the world are some of the most sought after physicians in the world. This is definitely because of varied reasons. One of the main reasons is the level of their training and experience in treating varied diseases and health conditions without the use of conventional drugs and invasive techniques. Increased awareness on the efficacy and benefits of naturopathic treatment has also pushed many to seek the services of holistic doctors. More importantly, holistic doctors operating in New York are sought after for their personal touch when handling their clients; they literally get down knowing their clients in a whole-some way in order to effectively offer the best treatment.

Holistic doctors operating in New York use different alternative treatment methods in addressing health issues presented by their clients. The use of herbs is just one of the treatment methods available. This involves the use of tested and approved long-time known herbs that not only treat diseases but also help in the management of various long-term health conditions. Apart from herbs, there are also naturopathic therapies that are widely used in treating diseases.


This is a relatively new naturopathic treatment therapy used by holistic doctors based in New York. This therapy is mainly used on patients with both mental and emotional health problems. This kind of therapy does not involve any use of herbs or any other activity but rather involves a patient being hosted in a quiet environment in which he/she is provided with writing materials. With the mind relaxed, a patient is required to write down his/her past and present thoughts, which are then analyzed and appropriate advice given. This therapy is a sought of counseling but in a totally different way. The peaceful and relaxing environment allows one to open up freely, increasing his/her chances of bringing out the thoughts that might be causing health problems.


Commonly referred to as light therapy, phototherapy is used by holistic doctors in New York to treat clients with high stress levels and depression. The treatment involves exposing one to artificial light that is used instead of daylight. This is out of realization that controlled warmth and light has a positive effect on one’s overall body as it brings about biochemical changes within the brain. Such changes greatly improve one’s mental and emotional condition.


Commonly referred to as color therapy, Chromotherapy uses colored light to treat different kinds of diseases. In this regard, it is the color rather than light that is used as treatment tool. Different colors have been known for decades to have a positive effect on the body. Color blue has always been known to improve spiritual health while orange has been associated with improved blood circulation and metabolism. Holistic doctors based in New York subject a client’s ailing part to area of body to appropriate color, which in effect promotes healing of that part.


Massage has been used for decades as an effective way of activating body organs to perform at their optimum, thereby allowing the whole body to regain its natural healthy state. There are different types of massage including facial, head, body and feet massage. All the types involve different techniques that help in improving the body’s overall health.

These are just some of the naturopathic therapies that holistic doctors in New York use to treat different ailments. There are many others including yoga, breathing techniques and physical exercises amongst many others.