Prevention is better than cure. Avoid acne

Acne is one of the common problems of people as they enter their adolescent stage, and even some adults experience this problem as well. A lot of people are putting so much money just to avoid the problem of having acne. While on the other hand the acne treatment industries are having so much money in it. The easiest and the simple way to avoid acne are to start with your self and have strict discipline.

The basic step starts with keeping your face clean always. The expert says that it is advisable to wash your face at least thrice a day. Mild soap and water will do, avoid rubbing your face too hard. Even when drying your face the proper way is to pat it dry.

Another contributor to acne is your hair. If it runs to your face always it will add oil causing your acne to worsen. Your hair has its own natural oil even if it doesn’t appear oily. Many people don’t realize the importance of keeping your hair off to your face. Other people even use their hair to cover their acne.

Eating a balance diet is also a big factor. It is recommended to have a diet with less oil and with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. You should also observe what kind of foods triggers your acne so you can start replacing it with something else.

Having plenty of water is also a big help. Because it will initiate your body to detoxify and to remove all the bacteria and waste that is not helpful to your body. Acne should be treated from the inside as it also start from the inside part of the body.

Avoiding too much exposure to the sun is also helpful. The sun causes our face to reproduce more oil and will cause acne break out.

These are the simple ways to avoid acne. Consulting dermatologist is also helpful. Avoid using too much cosmetics especially those that are not prescribed by a dermatologist.


How to cope with acne

As the saying goes accept the things you cant change from those things that you can still change. Almost three fourths of teens now a day have acne. If you belong on that population and you have started to use medications yet it doesn’t work, I guess this is the time for you to accept that you have acne. Accept it as a part of your life. Well anyway you are not the only people in this earth who have acne.

Keep your hopes high. Seeing a dermatologist is also helpful. Relying on commercial products on screen is not always trustworthy. Your dermatologist knows what kind of medications is suited for you. It is also helpful to think that you won’t have acne for the rest of your life. Acne will definitely disappear in some point of your life. So you better stop popping your pimples out, as this is the main reason why your acne will leave a permanent scar.

Resist the urge to touch your face as this will further increase the complications with your acne. Have a regular cleansing of your face. Thrice a day washing of face is recommended but too much of it is not advisable. Having a mild cleanser, toner or moisturizer is a big factor to avoid acne breakouts.

Above all this things confidence is the key. If you are confident enough to carry yourself and the way you look. Then this won’t stop you from living life to its fullest. Look unto the beautiful things about you. Each of us has a gift given by our Creator. Enjoy those things and don’t look unto the things you don’t have. Try to excel in other things; looking unto your weaknesses will really make you feel weak. And it will also work on the other way around. Be positive.

How to avoid acne scars

There are those people who are more susceptible in having acne than the others. The most common reason is because of their genes or because of their bad healthy habits. However this acne breakout can often last only in their adolescent stage and will stop as they grow older. The problem with acne is the scar it leaves into your face. To avoid acne scar is better than to have a problem in removing acne scar.

Squeezing your pimple is a big no, no. Though often times this is the most common bad habit of those who have acne break out. Acne scar usually starts from this. People think that if they popped up pimples it will help them to get away with it quicker. But the real scenario with this is that they are opening their pimple causing it to encourage more bacteria.  You should also avoid touching your acne, and take your hair off to your face. If you have large pimple and you are so irritated with it, having a visit with a dermatologist is the safe way. They will give you ointments or even cortisone injection that will really help.

Also avoid having acne breakouts. Acne usually have its triggering factor, you should take notice of the food or situation that might encourage your acne to come out. You should lessen that food or situation if you cannot totally avoid it. Avoiding oily foods and taking enough rest and sleep is the big contributor. It is also better to have an early treatment with your acne breakout than to give attention on them when they already produce acne scars that is sometimes permanent. The problem with acne scar is not just physical as it also may leaves emotional scar. That’s why it is better to give attention with this.

How to avoid acne breakouts

Acne is a common thing in adolescent period but acne break outs is a different thing. Most people blame oily foods, stress, clogged pores and dirty skin as the reason for having acne. But the real caused of acne is overactive sebaceous glands in the skin which increased its performance during adolescent year.

Oil, dirt, and bacteria only add irritation and can trigger the acne production. Even hair care can contribute to acne break out. Your hair has its own natural oil and letting it run unto your face will exacerbate the production of oil in your face.

Keeping your face clean as always is the most important thing to consider. Using mild cleanser and warm water would be fine. Some cleanser is too harsh for the skin so be careful on choosing your cosmetic. Cleaning your face before going to bed is also important. Don’t let the bacteria work all night while you rest. Keeping your hands off to your skin will also help. As this will only irritate your acne and can trigger acne breakout.

Anything that comes in contact with your face is also a contributing factor. Your cell phone is one of the dirtiest things that can come in contact with your face. It is proper to clean your cell phone each day if you are one of those people who are used in using their phone frequently. Even your blankets and pillows must be kept clean. Bacteria from linen can also cause acne break out. Having plenty of water can help your body detoxify and can help you release the unwanted toxins in your skin.

Stress can also caused acne break out. You should be careful and find out which situation trigger the production of your acne. Thinking too much and lack of sleep are the common situation. It is better to avoid such situation to avoid acne break out.

Effective prevention of acne and pimples

Acne problem starts under the skin. It is the result of overgrowth bacteria that is clogged in the pores. Gentle washing of the skin by warm water and mild cleanser is important. It is necessary to keep your face clean all day long. Washing your face thrice a day is advisable but too much of it can already do harm to your acne as it will become irritated and will cause more production of pimple.

But since acne is formed under the skin, washing your face can only do so much to stop acne break out. Having a proper diet is a big help, avoid foods that are rich in oil and eat more fruits and vegetables. Drinking plenty of water is also helpful as it will help the body release the waste that is needed inside the body.

Enough rest and sleep is also a contributor. Acne treatments that can be bought over the counter are also helpful. Use products that are prescribed by a specialist.

You should be careful to choose what kind of cosmetic is best for your skin. Look for a label that read noncomedogenic. This means that it won’t clog your skin pores and won’t further increase the production of acne. Product with benzoyl peroxide is also helpful as it kills the bacteria that worsen the inflammation of your acne.

There are also other products that can help you combat acne but requires you the prescription of the specialist for you to buy it in the counter. These products are accutane retin-A and antibiotics. Antibiotics can be very helpful if you have acne that is swollen and red. But consulting the advice of a specialist will really help. It is the basic step before taking any medication. They will give you the right cosmetic that is appropriate with your skin type.

Avoid the troubles of back acne

A lot of misconception about acne is that some people think that acne only appear on the face. The real scenario is acne and even blackheads or whiteheads may appear all throughout the body. It is commonly to the larger areas of the body like the back, chest, neck and even in the shoulder.

Back acne is also caused by the things that caused the facial acne as well. These are over active oil glands and overgrowth of bacteria in clogged pores. Like the face our back has more sebaceous glands than other areas of the body. It is not yet proven that certain clothes can cause back acne.

Nevertheless, the friction caused by certain cloth can worsen the existence of back acne. Avoiding to much friction to the body will help. Remember not to put too much friction when taking a bath even when you are using loofah or body puff. It is better to have a thorough but gentle cleansing. Much advisable if you are using a product that has a salicylic acid. Sweat is also a contributor. To minimize the production of back acne, taking a shower as soon as after exercising is a big help.
ver the counter acne treatment is also useful. The skin in the back of our body is tougher than the facial skin and so it can tolerate more powerful treatment than the face. Products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are also useful. You can even use lotion that contains an alpha hydroxyl acid.

Alpha hydroxyl acid helps the skin to reduce the blockage in body pores.
Some back acne can be difficult to control and need to be treated by a specialist. The best advise is having a visit with the dermatologist as they will prescribed you oral or topical medications that will help you combat back acne.

Cleaning and sterilisation techniques for acne

Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder that is associated with hormone during adolescent and also associated with genes. This is also the result of overgrowth bacteria that is clogged in the pores. If this is about bacteria and germs then proper cleaning of our face is very important. Having proper diet and taking enough water and minerals is also helpful.

There is actually no secret with regards to cleaning of your acne. Even mild soap and water will do. Avoid putting too much pressure to your skin when you wash your face. The use of warm water is also advisable as it open your pores for easy cleaning. Washing of your face is essential and must be performed at least thrice a day. Remember not to rub your acne and just to pat it dry with a towel.  Some people use over the counter acne treatments like mild cleanser and toner.
Letting your make up stay in your face when you go to sleep is just like letting the bacteria do its job overnight. That’s why other people use cosmetics or astringent to remove make up and dirt to their skin. Over the counter acne treatments are safe. Over the counter cream and similar products that incorporate benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid is also a common used. But this treatment’s effectiveness may vary from one person to another.

People have different skin type and so we also need to use the product that is advisable for our skin type. For this matter it is highly advisable to have a visit with a specialist to help you chose what kind of cleanser or treatment you need for your acne. Even the popping out of pimple is not advisable as this is the job of the specialists. Most acne scars start with this bad habit of squeezing the pimple out. This is not helpful because it only open the acne to receive more bacteria from the air.


Advice on how to avoid cystic acne

Acne is not a good thing to have as it will create physical and emotional trauma for those who are acne sufferer. The bad thing is that acne can be more severe than usual and can go further to serious form. This is called Cystic acne. This usually develops from small cyst and is also called nodulocystic acne. Acne cysts are not actually true cysts; they are not abnormal dilatation of the skin. They are nodules inflammation. Like pimple this is also caused by overactive oil glands.

Cystic acne must be given enough attention as it will aggravate if not given proper medical attention. The usual treatment for cystic acne is Isotretinoin which treats 90% of acne sufferer according to research.
Cystic acne is not only a facial problem as this can also appear in the back, neck, shoulders and even in the upper arm in worst cases. Cysts are usually present with pus-like substance. This cystic acne feels painful as it looks. Consulting a specialist is the best advice you can take. Because if not treated earlier this can create some degree of scarring that won’t look good.

The over the counter drug for cystic acne is only recommended to milder form of acne. That’s why you should take the advice of the specialist to recommend you the right medication according to the severity of your cystic acne.
Cystic acne is commonly treated with antibiotics along with topical cream. If not given enough medication some degree of scars will occur. This is quite severe depending on its type. Some scars can be treated by topical ointment or cream but most of it will leave permanent scar on the face end even on the other part of the body. But some scar will only last for 6months and will be gone totally.


Advice on how to avoid acne pimples

Pimples, white and black heads are all common problems among teenager. But everyone even if you are not in your adolescence stage can be affected by this problem. And who wants them anyway? Everyone wants to get rid of this facial problem.

The truth about pimple is that it comes from the inside and manifest on the outside. That’s why in treating pimple your focus must be on the inside part of the body. It covers on how you treat your body. Well balanced diet is important; it should involve vegetable and fruits. Avoiding greasy and fat foods is also crucial. Having enough rest and sleep is also important.

But beside these things proper care of your skin also plays a big part. Wearing too much make up won’t do any good. It will only aggregate acne break outs. Thrice a day washing of face is recommended. If you are used in using mild cleanser this will do. Keep your hair off to your skin. Avoid any things that come in contact with your face. Even touching your face with your hand is a big no.

In washing your face it is recommended to use warm water as this will open closed pores. It will allow you for proper cleansing. Other people use natural material to clean their face. You can save money by using the natural material you can find in your kitchen.

Using vegetable or even fruits to clean your face is best for people who have an oily face. Strawberries and grapefruits are example of acid based fruits and these are best to use. If you have a dry face, washing through a brown sugar is best for you. Knowing your skin type will be the first step for you to know what kind of care you will do to your skin.

Consulting a dermatologist is the best advice you can take. Don’t wait for things to get worst before you give attention to your acne. They know exactly what type of cosmetic is suited for your skin type.