Tightening your Fist Stimulates your Memory

Most people tend to think that whenever they see someone a tightened fist represents anger and that person are ready for a fight. However, that is not the case now as a new study suggests that a tightened fist is a great way of recalling memory.

tightened fist

Tightening the fist allows you to better memorize

Along with the discovery are the difference between squeezing your right and left fist.  Both movements stimulate memory function, but they differ in that squeezing your right fist means that you can better memorize an event or action.  While tightening your left fist means that you can better recall any past event or action.

The study by can be read in the open access journal PLOS ONE.

During the research, Ruth Propper and colleagues asks the participants formed five groups and each group were asked to memorize 72 words.  Later on, they were asked to recall all 73 words.

Four groups were suggested to clench their hands; the first group tightened their fist for about 90 seconds before they memorized the list of words and did the same before they recall all the words.

The second group tightened their left fist before they memorized and recollected. The third and the fourth group tightened one hand prior to memorizing (either the left or right hand) and the opposite hand prior to recollecting. However, the last group never tightened their fist at any point.

The group that clenched their right fist when memorizing the list and then clenched the left when recollecting the words was found to have the best memory, at least better than all the other groups.  They also performed better than the last group who never did tighten their fist.

Researchers believe that a simple body movement can change how brains function.

Researchers claimed that the effect of hand-clenching on memory may result from cognitive overspill as tightening a fist trigger certain regions of the brain that is connected with the formation of memory.

3 Reasons why you need to take up Parenting Classes

People fell in love, spend time together and decide to marry. After that, they will have their first child. Congrats! Now, are you ready to become parents? A lot of people nowadays are not ready to become parents. When their first child got born, they don’t know what to do. What should you do? If you are reading this article that means that you are searching for information about parenting, and that will be the first thing that you should do. Find out more about parenting tips and techniques.

parenting classes

A group of parents who wants to know how they can better take care of their children

Perhaps, one of the best thing that newly married couple today is to enroll in parenting classes. Some parents who already have children also enroll in this program as it will guide them to become a better parent for their children.

  1. For a parent, infancy stage must have been the most difficult time because the baby is so fragile and sensitive. That is why the parents should be extra careful in handling them.  You as a parent should learn what to do and what not to do can help you to better take care of your new bundle of joy.  This is essential to lessen the mistake that you could do when taking care of your child.
  2. Parenting classes prepares you mentally for anything that you may encounter for as a parent.  Most first time parents don’t have any idea on handling babies.  Sure, you can learn it from your parents, but what if they aren’t around anymore; surely will be a lot of mistakes on your part.  When you opt for a parenting class, you will know more about pertinent and important issues concerning parenting.
  3. Enrolling in parenting classes before the delivery of the child helps in cutting down the stress level that you might undergo as a parent. One of the biggest mistakes that new parents often do is worry too much. Most of the time, they are always thinking about whether or not they will be good parents or whether or not they will be competent enough to get the job done. These are fears  associated with parenting and will turn your experience into hell if you can’t keep it at a bay.

Are Shampoos effectual for treating Hair Loss?

Some people spend most of their money so their hair would grow back again, but there are some who won’t bother as they don’t have the money to spare. For the second group of people, they would rather cheaper alternative to prevent hair loss like hair loss shampoo to combat their diminishing hair problem.
hair loss
Human hair extensions are now used as alternatives
to solve hair loss problems.
Hair loss shampoos are full of vitamins and minerals essential to grow those hairs back again.  They can be bought for around $20 to 60 per bottle from an online store.   Though, some blog may be backing them up; it doesn’t mean that they could deliver what they promised since most of these blogs were paid to write and promote the products.   Some of these shampoos have an ingredient that worsens the condition.

There are several reasons why hair loss takes place and one of them is because of hormonal imbalances, which are not treatable by shampoos.  In particular, loss of hair, which result from, high level of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).   In general, all shampoos were made to clean the scalp, which they are not able to penetrate the scalp.  Though, they might provide a low level of DHT that would not be enough to be absorbed by the scalp.  That is the reason why they aren’t effective for treating hair loss.

Now, that you find out that shampoos can’t do anything about hair loss, there is not point of using them to grow your hair back, but you might see some improvement if you use higher quality products. Some studies suggest that commonly-used shampoo product could provide minimal increases in hair thickness compared to regular shampoo usage. Yes, it won’t cause the hair to grow in the bald spot, but long hair can be use to cover the bald spot.

For some real results on hair grow, you need to concentrate on the root cause of thinning hair, which can be traced about from high level of DHT.  Too many DHT can result to a bad thing since DHT has been known to attack hair follicles, restricting the flow of nutrients to each follicle. Too much exposure to DHT lowers the susceptibility of the hair follicle and might begin to die.  That is the reason why there is a need to block the enzyme that can be converted into DHT.

5 Causes of Work-Related Stress

Stress in the workplace should not be tolerated as several problems might arise – for both the employer and employee. Often, an employee under stress is unproductive because he/she has to divert his/her energy between his/her work and the problem.

work related stress

People who experience work-related stress are unproductive

There are several causes of stress in the workplace and all of them are going to be addressed in this article. Here are the common stressors in a workplace:

#1 High Workload

Some employers create unrealistic deadline, which might frustrates the employee and sometimes it could lead to health problems for the employee.  Sadly, workloads are real as more employers try to cut cost by reducing the number of employees they have to pay.  The employees are now under pressure as they are forced to do more than what they can do.

# 2 Unclear guidelines

The relationship of an employee with his/her employer must have a good direction and communication as it is a sign of good management and lessen the frustration. If the employee didn’t know what to do then they may think of finding another company that would give clearer guidelines.

The employer must update his worker about the progress of their work.  Not providing any feedback can cause stress as the employee keeps wondering what is happening with the company.

In laymen’s term poor communication creates stress in the workplace.  Aside from lack of communication, too much communication in the form of instructions or requests (without enough time to keep up with projects) can also alleviate job stress and frustration.

# 3 Work does not suit for the employee

Someone who is not happy with his/her job get stress much faster compared to others who enjoys their work. Getting the job done at the right time is difficult because he/she never enjoys his/her job.  On the contrary, someone who enjoys his/her job would never a have a hard time fulfilling his/her job.

# 4 Workplace conflict

An employee who has a problem with his office mate or employer might have a hard time to fulfill his job.  The employee will be distracted from his work as he will lend some time to the problem.  Someone who gets harassed or put down can’t work as efficiently as other s that are not in the same situation.

# 5 Poor job security

Some employers try to cut cost and reduce the number of their employees.  This practice is detrimental for the employee as it creates poor job security. The employee is always stress since he/she knows that he/she can lose his/her job anytime.  The situation is a tough contributor to workplace related stress.

Coping with Fees involved with Dental Residency

Being a graduate of a dental course from a well-known university doesn’t assure you of landing a job as a dentist. You need to undergo hands-on experiences before you can finally land a job as a dentist. Though, you go to college, you need to know that there are other experiences and expenses involved helping you land a job as a dentist. First thing that you should know is about residency and board examinations, which this article is set to cover.

dental residency

Students need to undergo dental residency program before they can land a job as a dentist

Residency Search

Before you can be licensed, you need to undergo at least one residency program. It can be compared to a medical doctor residency since you need to choose which practice and location would best suit you. The clinic or company then chooses the best candidate among the pool

Residency and Relocation Loan

There are some students who avail of the government loan for paying for their tuition and room and board, but some expenses aren’t covered with such loan.  In this case, your best bet would be a    private loan to pay for the interview, relocation, board examination fees and study programs. Some private loan company allows the student to pay for the loan three years after they graduated.  Students can use the money for interviews, relocation, board examinations and residency searches without the need to find a job first to pay for the experience.


Competition is tough nowadays that all candidates in the later stages of selection are set to meet their interviewers in person. They need to water the best formal attire they can get their hands to be as pleasing as possible for the interview.  Some companies do the interview through video conferencing. Both of these scenarios require the student can be very expensive that college students can rarely afford without assistance.


With some companies does require their employee to move close to their workplace.  This means that the student would have to pay for rent, work uniforms and supplies.  Most of the time, student don’t have the money to pay for such that they need to seek help from private loan companies.

Board Examination

Before they can be accepted as a dentist, dental students must take and pass their board certification examinations. The student need to pay all the fees involved.

Things to know before applying for a Job as a Nutritionist

A nutrition certification assures that a nutritionist can find a job. People certified nutritionist since they will mostly rely on them on most of their nutrition need. The nutritionist need to be knowledgeable about various physical ailments and illnesses to help their clients with their nutritional needs.


A nutritionist should be well-educated about certain conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure heart attacks and many more

How to Get Started?

The first thing that you need to do is get a nutritionist certification. You need to complete  human nutrition and dietary program. The program provides you with the skills needed to help people make healthy choices regarding their food choices and lifestyle.

Nutritionist Education Requirements

But before you can get a nutrition certification, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in food services systems management, dietetics, foods and nutrition, or a related area of study.

You also need to take courses such as mathematics, biology, economics, and nutrition. There are other courses that will prefer you for the job as a nutritionist like physiology, biology, computer science, business, and sociology.

A nutritionist must know how to prepare menus for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and other serious conditions.

Nutritionist License

Some state would require you to get a license and a statutory nutrition certification. Be sure to check if your state requires you to get the license or not.

If your state needs it then get a license before you apply for a job as a dietician or nutritionist. If your state accepts statutory certification, you can work as a nutritionist or dietician without a certificate, but you will not be allowed to use certain titles.

Nutrition Certification

Certification is highly suggested by the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the American Dietetic Association.  It is not required but gives you some advantage over those with no certification. Certification is not to be mistaken for statutory certification as the two are different from one another.

Kids with ASD more likely to become Video Game Addicts

A new study suggests that kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) might become addicted to video game as they grow older.
kid playing video game
A researcher from the University of Missouri discovered that children with ASD use screen-based media, such as television and video games, a lot more compared to kids without ASD.

Micah Mazurek, an assistant professor of health psychology and a clinical child psychologist said that most parents and clinicians noticed how technology interest kids with ASD.

She added that kids with ASD like to spend most of their time playing video games than other children without the symptom.  There is a high tendency that such kids will be addicted to video game play as they grow up.

The study was based on 202 children and adolescents with ASD and 179 typically developing siblings.

The researcher found out that those with ASD spent most of their time with computer games and less time socializing on social media like Facebook. Aside from playing video games, those with ASD like watching TV than to participate in any physical activities.

On the other hand, those without mental health issues like hanging out with their friends and spending time with them playing outdoors.

In a separate study of 169 boys with ASD, researcher has connected video game use with disputed behaviors like how they refuse to follow directions or likes to argue.

However, Mazurek noted that the studies are not a clear proof that video game and behavioral problem connected with one another.

Kids with ASD might be showing interest over video games because of the rewards that they can get from playing video games.   They don’t need to see the other person face-to-face whenever they want to interact.

Mazurek advises parents to be wary about the bad effect of video games from kids with ASD.

Drinking Healing Water helps you to Fight Diseases

The bodies of every living thing on earth are mainly composed of water. In fact, our body is made up of more than 60 percent of water. We need to drink water daily to replenish all the water we lose on a daily basis through sweats and urine. However, not all water is made equal, some water are better for human consumption while others might cause some serious diseases.

heart disease

Heart disease is just one of the many diseases that are preventable if you drink healing water

The best water that you can find on earth is healing water as they have the nutrients needed to fight diseases. Water acts to rid the body of impurities that we take in from the foods we eat and the air we breathe. The impurities are one of the reasons why some people age prematurely.  Drinking healing water removes all the toxins that come from the food we eat on a daily basis.

Drinking water gives you the power to ward off diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and many other ailments. The body has immune system that develop antibodies to fight all kind of diseases.  These antibodies are the body’s soldiers that will try to eliminate anything that might do harm against the body.  Experts believe that drinking water make the antibodies stronger.   As they become stronger, the better chance for them to ward of germs and bacteria that cause diseases.

When you drink healing water provides you with the confidence you on a daily basis.  The more we feel good about ourselves the more accomplishment we can do.  Experts believe that mental problems arise from improper way of taking care of the body.  As we become healthy, we also become happier and feel less depressed, and are able to sleep better at night.

In today’s world, the water that we drink is not as purified like the water that our ancestors used to drink hundreds of years ago.  That is why we needed to buy water with healing powers  treated from those osmosis machines.  They might cost more than your average water, but the health benefits far exceed the cost.  At the end of the day, you will be glad on drinking healing water as it will help you to be toxin free.

Self Control – a New Idea for Parenting Kids

Some parents are contented with how the way they do parenting for their young, but there are others who want to find out if there is a new technique in parenting kids. A wise man once said that, in life, ‘the only thing that we can control is ourselves.’ With this phrase comes the idea of new parenting technique.

self control

Self control is something that new parent should know

You can control a whole lot of things in your life, like computer setting, choosing your favorite TV programs in your home.  There is no limit on which you can control if you put your mind into it, but the only thing that you cannot control is other people.  No matter how tough you might seem, there is no way to control them totally.

With the knowledge that the only thing that we control is ourselves, comes the opportunity to take control of yourself.  You should know how to capitalize from that power in governing yourself.  If you fully control yourself, then there is no need to control other people.  You are going to be confident about yourself, and that is a good technique that you can use in parenting.  When other people see a confident person, they say; ‘this is a girl/ guy we can look upon.’

The same thing can be used to inspire your kids.   If they see you as a respectable figure then will want to be like you; thus you will get the respect that you want.

Even youths know who should they respect and follow.  You don’t need to become someone that they fear to be followed.  You just need to show that you are not there to tell them on how to react because you are the living proof on how to react right.

Back when Benjamin Franklin was young, he made a list of things that he want to change about himself.  He listed them on a piece of paper.  One by one he conquered his unwanted traits and this gives way for him to become respectable.

Pattern Baldness, Hair Loss because of Hereditary Factor

There are several reasons why you lose your hair. Hair loss might occur if you are under stress, chemical use, hereditary and other factors. Though, there are so many factors that contribute to hair loss, let’s concentrate on the hereditary factor. Hereditary means that you acquire a gene from one or two of your parents.

pattern baldness

A guy loses his hair because of hereditary factor

As people gets older, some of you will eventually have to deal with baldness.  Some people lose their hair because of stress and other factors while there are a few who had traced that someone on their family is bald. Now, this might come from your father’s side or your mother side, but it is not important as it won’t solve your problem.

The truth is that hereditary hair loss doesn’t really translate for your child to becoming bald as there are times when the hair loss genes skip one generation.  Your grandfather loses hair, but your father and his sibling have not suffered from the same fate.  Yet, your hair is thinning as you read this article.

If hereditary indeed plays a role for the thinning of your hair, that is called pattern baldness.   Pattern baldness happens to both male and female alike.  You are not going to be safe from losing your hair regardless of your sex.  If you’re a female, the only compliment that you would get is that your thinning of the hair is not as bad compared to hair loss on a male.

Male with pattern baldness seems to be the one that suffers the most since the thinning of the hair can cause total baldness if not treated immediately.  It usually starts from the forehead, and it continues to the back of the head until you become totally bald.   Those who are bald are at the late stage of the thinning of the hair.

The only good thing that can be said about pattern baldness is that it doesn’t have any connections with any known health issues.  Other hair loss usually serves as a reminder that you need to check with your doctor to know if there are diseases that you didn’t know.

Pattern baldness is a permanent condition, but there are ways to treat it. One way is through medicine, and another way is through hair transplant.  There are other ways to treat pattern baldness that are not stated on this article.  We can probably talk about it in another article.

Most people having hair loss problems resort to using human hair extensions from us, and if you know other treatments for baldness then comment below!

3 Benefits of living a Stress Free Lifestyle

Stress has several ways to affect your life. When you are stressed, it is harder to sleep because you worry too much on many things. As you wake up, you might suffer from headache. That is why there is the need to live a stress free life.

stress free life

Living a stress free life offers you several benefits

When you eliminated stress in your life, you would enjoy your time more with your family or friends.  It will be easier to get a good night rest as you don’t have anything to bother you anymore.

Don’t think that eliminating stress in your life will be a walk in the part.  This is going to be a tough battle there are many things that may be the cause for you to be stressed.  However, once you get rid of anything that causes you some stress, here are a few things that you could expect from living a stress free life.

  1. You can easily come up with a solution to your daily problems.
  2. You’ll feel like a whole new person as you won’t have to bother dealing with any physical pain.  Physical pain is sometime associated with being stressed.
  3. It would be easier for you to lose weight as you won’t be overeating.  Some people eat more than their body needs because they feel stressed.

Anything that happens in your life has a reason, and that is to strengthen us and help us become a better person.  Don’t let stress put you down as you can relieve yourself from stress if you exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.  Thinking more about your problems will not help you find any solution and will just stress you.

When you are living a stress free life, you feel that the world smiles with you all the time.  Life gets easier if you had ridden yourself of anything that stresses you.

4 Cases wherein a Woman should ask first before Undergoing any Surgery

Visiting a gynecologist is just normal for every woman as they need to visit the gynecologist most of their lives to ensure that they have a healthy reproductive organ. The gynecologist is the doctor that specialized in the field of the reproductive cycle of a woman. A woman should know when to ask a question. Here are five cases wherein a woman should ask a question:

woman and gynecologist

A woman asking her doctor about surgery

  1. If the doctor detects Uterine fibroids on the woman.  The woman should ask more question about the problem so that she can better decide on whether she would opt for surgery or resort to other treatments.
  2. Tubal ligation is something that requires a big decision on the part of a woman. A tubal ligation is performed to prevent pregnancy.  In the procedure, the gynecologist cut, clamp, and tie the fallopian tubes to prevent eggs from going to the uterus. It also blocks sperm cell from traveling to the fallopian tube to meet and fertilize the egg. This treatment is permanent; the woman need to make sure that she knows what is going to happen before undergoing the procedure.
  3. If the doctor finds out that the woman has ovarian cysts.  Though ovarian cysts aren’t serious and do not require treatment.  There are some who are cancerous and do more harm to the woman if left untreated.
  4. In case of infertility.  The woman need to know if there are other options to surgery as it is rather scary on the part of the woman.  She needs to endure all the pain of the surgery, but she isn’t sure if the treatment would help her get rid of the problem.